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I put poetry over pretty girls

Roses are red,
Violets are blue, 
Imma chop you up,
And make you into beef stew

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・❥・Ꭺꪑᖯɾꪮ᥉เᥲ༊*·˚'s profile picture

RRAWRR XD you're so poetic to have my babies!!

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Serafina B

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Oh my, how emotional. The emotion is just so undeniably raw and impactful.

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adrian's profile picture

if my girl said this to me I'd marry her ngl

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that's so romantic lol

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beautiful, thank you

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This gives Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes lol

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im gay :'(

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lmao why sad emoji?

by Marc; ; Report

Im just kidding XD

by soumar; ; Report

Hubert Antonio Domveenick

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That's deranged.

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lavilynxo's profile picture

9/10 why beef stew can i be sum else

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3/10 sorry babes

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why only 3 tell me u poop

by Marc; ; Report

Basic :(

by VirginQueen; ; Report

mary jane

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Laura <3

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I would be honored :)

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Xx3ama<3's profile picture

I want someone to write me poetry like this

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We can figure something out, im am the greatest poem writer of this century.

by Marc; ; Report

you know it's poet, right?

by loverose.x; ; Report


by Marc; ; Report

ur mums hoe

ur mums hoe's profile picture

wait I have another one

roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I fuck your mum
and i´ll fuck you too.

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by Marc; ; Report


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so inspirational

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This made me tear up

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Amanda♡'s profile picture

beautiful 10/10

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that was so hot

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thanks babygirl

by Marc; ; Report