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Category: Writing and Poetry

Of course i was hard on you Ive put lives in jeopardy myself when i lived offa lebanon i let someone i used to know into the house i didnt realize what was gonna happen we were 9 deep i was one of three people in the whole damn house paying any rent p** and c**** are severely disabled. t*** and his brother and his brother girl are too much in the streets to have any damn sense. joe's a fucking ter... » Continue Reading

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feelings n shit

Category: Writing and Poetry

i guess ima have to fucking type this shit out cause im getting nothing motherfucking done.  this man was the only one to smoke a fucking blunt with me while i hit the bottom of the motherfucking barrel. this man gave me criticism then too and goddamn if there isnt often a fucking point but at the same time could literally anyone be grateful that im not still shooting fucking dope.  i didnt have t... » Continue Reading

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Hi! lets introduce ourselves here

Category: Life

Probably don't have many people added on here by the time ur seeing this if anyone actually sees this anyhow though hope yall are well :)) I'm Mack. currently 25 haven't seen a myspace dupe in probably 10+ years. i like this one. This one's good :) I'm from Tennessee, I live in Illinois. I'm vaguely part of the arts and DIY communities. I love the idea of collaborating with other people at some po... » Continue Reading

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yknow its funny....

Category: Life

yknow its funny, everytime i hear someone say "it sounds great on paper" it only proves how much they havent read anything on paper. No one sits down to write tomes and tomes of books saying "this is what socialism/communism is, and this is why its good and we should do it." There also is a large difference between a theory and a hypothesis.       Joe Rogan spews hypotheses. Marx wrote theories. L... » Continue Reading

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