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yknow its funny....

yknow its funny, everytime i hear someone say "it sounds great on paper" it only proves how much they havent read anything on paper.

No one sits down to write tomes and tomes of books saying "this is what socialism/communism is, and this is why its good and we should do it." There also is a large difference between a theory and a hypothesis. 
     Joe Rogan spews hypotheses. Marx wrote theories. Lenin, and Anurada Ghandy, and Mao wrote THEORIES. Much in the same way that theories were written by Newton, or Aristotle. 
Not simply on what system one should use, but theories on the nature of system in question. Theories on the true history of class events. Theories on the true nature of various aspects of society in different places at different times. Theories on the development of knowledge as a whole.

Theories on the development of social theories that are not specifically communism based. 
Theories on theories. Theories on proper argument. Theories on criticism. Criticism on theories. 

it would suffice to say if one considers themselves a philosophically read person, and cannot bring themselves to pick up Mao, Sison, Anurahda, Engels, Lenin, Marx, hell even Trotsky (although i find the work of trotsky in and of itself a loathesome excuse for work), then ones philosophical analyses of the whole of reality leaves much to be desired. 
And when one misconstrues philosophy for religion, they have missed the point of philosophy.
The cure for existentialism is materialism. 

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