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I hate Graggle Simpson

Category: Life

At first I thought he was kinda funny, but people abused the hell out of the trend and now hes just rally annoying. Peoples attempts at trying to make him look real are terrible » Continue Reading

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People made Ben Drowned out to be something less than it actually is, or did they??

Category: Games

I just finished the Ben drowned series a few days ago, and people seem to misunderstand the story. Ben drowned kind of got the squid game/fnf treatment, where a mature piece of media somehow becomes a target for children. Also, people try to make it seem like Ben is the villain of the story which confused me. Doesn't he want to be set free? I'm pretty sure the villain is Ifrit, which I thought the... » Continue Reading

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Favorite character voice headcanons!

Category: Writing and Poetry

Happy Mask Salesman || Majoras's Mask : Flying Man - Louis Philippe Porky Minch || MOTHER series : I can't decide - Scissor sister (but pitched slightly different) Spamton || Deltarune : John Linnell from They Might Be Giants Toriel Dreemur || Undertale : Rose Quartz from Steven Universe Irene || A Link Between Worlds : Ashley from Warioware Kafei (child) || Majora's Mask : Rammy from Um Jammer La... » Continue Reading

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I thought the Happy Mask Salesman in OOT appeared more throughout the game.

Category: Games

( I talk a lot, so I'll leave a TL;DR at the end) I do really like TLOZ series, but I have a large interest in a specific character within the series, the Happy Mask Salesman. I replayed Ocarina of Time many times whenever I was younger, and of course i still do now. But one character who always freaked me out was the Happy Mask Salesman. Ironically he's my favorite character now and i go out of m... » Continue Reading

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does summer just make anyone depressed? [vent sorta]

Category: Life

dont get me wrong, i hate school and I do not wanna go back. but summer just feels really lonely and instead of moping over late work, im crying over not having anything to do and just feeling completely helpless, im wondering if you guys feel the same? » Continue Reading

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new to this website

Category: Life

hi, my name is kat !! im new to this website, i hope i can find other people here who have the same interests as me =) !! interests: earthbound, mother series, undertale, they might be giants, YuB, legend of zelda (OOT and majoras mask), mario 64, and the halloween earthbound hack » Continue Reading

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