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People made Ben Drowned out to be something less than it actually is, or did they??

I just finished the Ben drowned series a few days ago, and people seem to misunderstand the story. Ben drowned kind of got the squid game/fnf treatment, where a mature piece of media somehow becomes a target for children. Also, people try to make it seem like Ben is the villain of the story which confused me. Doesn't he want to be set free? I'm pretty sure the villain is Ifrit, which I thought the series made pretty clear. Am I missing something? Or am I just overthinking like I always do?

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It depends on what Ben drowned story you listened to. Because he was a 12 year old that was drowned by his dad or step dad and got stuck in tloz Majora's mask. I cant remember exactly but thats what the story was when i got into creepypasta before that one told in that video of the guy drawing Ben drowned.

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I'm pretty sure we're taking about the same thing (?) I'm talking about the 10 year long series made by jadusable on YT

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