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I thought the Happy Mask Salesman in OOT appeared more throughout the game.

( I talk a lot, so I'll leave a TL;DR at the end) I do really like TLOZ series, but I have a large interest in a specific character within the series, the Happy Mask Salesman. I replayed Ocarina of Time many times whenever I was younger, and of course i still do now. But one character who always freaked me out was the Happy Mask Salesman. Ironically he's my favorite character now and i go out of my way to find any instances of him in the games he appears in. But one thing really confused me, I thought he appeared in Ocarina of time more? I always had a vivid memory of the Happy Mask Salesman walking through Hyrule field at night, and selling masks to anyone that approaches him. Whenever I got older, I still remembered this, so I hopped onto Ocarina of Time and started a new game. But one thing confused me, I never saw the Happy Mask Salesman in the field. I actively searched for him every time it became dark outside. I literally could not find him, so I searched for YouTube videos to find him in Hyrule field, but he just wasn't there. I guess i saw some weird Ocarina of Time rom hack videos whenever I was younger. 

TL;DR - I have an incredibly realistic, vivid memory of the Happy Mask Salesman walking through Hyrule Field that isn't real.

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