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My bf cheated on me again :/

Category: Romance and Relationships

I love him literally so much and I know that we kinda have this unspoken thing that it’s okay for him to mess around with other girls but it still makes me kinda upset when he does it like am I not good enough for him? Why isn’t he happy just having me? What do these other girls have that I don’t? » Continue Reading

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Ahhhh I don’t know what to do

Category: Life

I just want to be the friend that he deserves but he won’t let me close enough to help him and whenever I do help him make a positive change that asshole just comes along and messes everything up again ugghhhhh » Continue Reading

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Bennis appreciation blog <3

Category: Friends

Happy birthday Bennis, love you loads » Continue Reading

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Boyfriend update <3

Category: Romance and Relationships

Thanks for all the advise about my last blog post, I really appreciate it Thing is with me and mixx we’re both very stubborn and argumentative. Despite what you may think, I feel like it’s good that we’re both like that, it means that we understand easchother.  If I was dating a more chill dude I think I’d just feel guilty about my argumentative nature y’know? Anyway, we’re doing great now, I love... » Continue Reading

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So annoyed at my bf

Category: Romance and Relationships

So I went on a date with him earlier and some of our friends were there. One of my mates kept makin faces at me from the other table and whatnot so I was giggling at him, which my bf had a massive problem with for some reason. And like now he’s barely talking to me,, like ffs all I did was laugh at my friend?? Men am i right ugh Any advice?? Am I the one who’s actually in the wrong?? » Continue Reading

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Why does no one read???

Category: Books and Stories

Swear down almost all the profiles I go on say that they don’t read,, like? What???  I get it that reading can be boring but y’all just gotta find the right book then it goes hard mann  Annnnyyyywwayyyyy I like books man, bye bye >. < » Continue Reading

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my boyfriend <3

Category: Life

heyyyyy this blog post is to force you to know how much i love my bf mixerrrr love you bb » Continue Reading

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