So annoyed at my bf

So I went on a date with him earlier and some of our friends were there. One of my mates kept makin faces at me from the other table and whatnot so I was giggling at him, which my bf had a massive problem with for some reason.

And like now he’s barely talking to me,, like ffs all I did was laugh at my friend??

Men am i right ugh

Any advice?? Am I the one who’s actually in the wrong??

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Jealousy issues are tough. Feeling secure and comfortable in a relationship can be hard for a lot of people. Talking things over is always a good thing. But also its important to have your own boundaries within the relationship. If he cant distinguish joking around with your friends from flirting its hard to maintain a relationship this way. Sometimes people need to work on themselves and you cant help them do that. Hope all is well though!

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Wake up and break up/hj
(Maybe talk to him about his self esteem)

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