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i feel like a parent that's disappointing their kid

Category: SpaceHey

when i was younger, even just a couple of years ago, i always imagined doing something amazing and fun and really memorable for my sixteenth birthday. my sister hadn't really bothered to do anything for hers, and i was in shock that she'd missed such an exciting opportunity.  now there's less than 3 months until i'm 16 and i completely see her point.  i know that i'll have plenty of fun birthdays ... » Continue Reading

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lunchbox friends

Category: Friends

ok so i think an important part of understanding a person is the people they choose to spend most of their time with; their friends . outside of class, i spend most of my time with S, T, R, and N, plus a mix of others depending on what's actually happening within the day. during class, it's usually T or S who i sit next to and i usually get a lot done when i'm with them which is good :) i think wh... » Continue Reading

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i am a god

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

i finished everything i needed to do!!! except my maths hw which i'm going to ask my teacher for help with tomorrow :) unfortunately this means i literally have nothing else to do and i'm going to get REALLY bored » Continue Reading

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sunday afternoon = feeling doomed

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

ok so right now it's 2:33pm and i have under 7 hours left to feel like i haven't completely wasted this day once i've finished writing this entry i'm going to... do yoga for 10 minutes make my bed set screen time limits on my social media write down some quotes for my English assignment vaccuum my room shower + get dressed finish my Maths exercise start packing up some things to take home add anot... » Continue Reading

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if i title this "first blog post" does it count as basic?

Category: Music

2022, march nineteenth - day 5, 708 of my life my friends recommended this spacehey thing to me and i really like it so far however there's a whole lot of boxes to check like my interests and things about me etc and while that's all fun to fill out it gives me a minor identity crisis everytime because i think a lot of my traits match 90% of other girls my age other than making my spacehey profile,... » Continue Reading

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