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woahh havent been on in ages, life update

Category: Life

i just got spacehey moile because its easier for me to access sooo ima be on here a bit. so ima just summarise the stuff i have been doing  to begin with im using spacehey as a way to document my life because for me its just way easier and i can acess this on multiple screens (and i have left this public incase i forget the passwo » Continue Reading

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oooo just found out who Michael Sheen is

Category: Blogging

OO he was very good looking when he was younger (still is) I love distinguished gentlemen » Continue Reading

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at school :(

Category: Writing and Poetry

its almost the end of the day thank god and my friend just showed me one of her books that she wrote and they are pretty good but she doesnt see that :( the plot involves: two characters who at the start get chosen for something dangerous there's a lot of romance in it and thats all i read but i luv it!!!!  i have tried to convince her to get spacehey to share it and get a fanbase i guess but i do... » Continue Reading

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honestly would you become a vampire if they were real?

Category: Blogging

because I would, if you think about it as they live forever you could save up a lot of money and can save stuff for now, so in the future you could sell it for a lot of money and have a castle and butler, I'm very lazy so that would be nice but you I wouldn't want to change my name every 20 or 30 years because vampires don't age also you could turn into a bat and that seems f » Continue Reading

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