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woahh havent been on in ages, life update

i just got spacehey moile because its easier for me to access sooo ima be on here a bit. so ima just summarise the stuff i have been doing 

to begin with im using spacehey as a way to document my life because for me its just way easier and i can acess this on multiple screens (and i have left this public incase i forget the password :3)

anywayy im in year 11 now :( and obviously we have gcse's this year but i also have to do ALL of our mocks which is sooooo difficult. my school is just so dumb with the way we do stuff its literly hell so instead od being in actual lessons we have to do our mocks which in my opinion takes away time for our revision

also i have one year art this year and as we do our exams before everybody else i am going to have extra time in art lesson after that for my other subjects which is amazing and yes my teacher will allow that i asked her before :)

overall im revising a whole lot more especially as we only have 5 months till our exams and i plan to do A levels :> so i better revise a lot (i want to do buisness A level Spanish A level and history A level, i put down math A level instead of history and i think my school will let me change it as its an alright school. they just do stuff stupidly :l )

also when i get my national insurance number which will defo be after gcse because im born in bloody august IM ATUALLY THE YOUNGEST IN MY YEAR WHICH IS JUST EMBARRASING :0 (i know this because my pastel manager told me) anyway i plan to get a job then and just start saving up as much money as i can because if i have nothing to do over the holidays i might as well earn money that can help me in the future

also some of my friends wanna travel around France when we finish secondary school which makes no sense to me because firstly why would anyone want to visit France and secondly with what money and thirdly the ones that were talking about it literally do Spanish three year and they want to go to France????? 

anyway i hope next week goes better because we had to come back to school on a Thursday after the Christmas holidays just let us come back on Monday. especially as my friend still hasnt finished her art homework that is due tomorrow i hope she dont get into too much trouble lol

just read over this and i love the words anyway and also so soz if that becomes annoying :D 

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ALSO good luck to anyone else that is doing there gcse's soon

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