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SpaceHey Profilez

Category: SpaceHey

* I usually turn on some music wh3n enter1ng SpaceHey, and yk how sum ppl have music play1ng when u go 2 their profile? Its starts playing while my music iz playing aswell, and 1t getz so overwhelming  (╥﹏╥) » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

* OMG t0tes forg0t 2 wish evry1 a happy pr1de m0nth!! o_O Itz k1nda w3ird but every pr1de m0nth the h0mophob1a in 0ur community iz skyr0cketing. L1ke evry1 just startz sh1tting on each other  ( ̄^ ̄) anywayyyy 1h0pe evry1 has a safe and j0yfull pr1demonth regardless, make fr1endz, n0t 3nemiez  ଘ(੭ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭✧ » Continue Reading

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TW selfharm!!!

Category: Life

*I´tz so annoy1ng wh3n ppl @ school p0int 0ut my s3lfharm scarz. I´d und3rstand 1f th3y w0uld b fresh scarz, l1ke maybe th3y c0uld b tr1gger1ng 4 sum ppl, 0r ppl w0uld b worried abt me, yk. But they´re fully h3al3d scarz like bro wh4t? (¬_¬;) ! mean srry 1 d0n´t wanna w3ar a huge azz gl0ve c0ver1ng my fully h3al3d scarz dur1ng hot wh3ater?  » Continue Reading

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Sims 4

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

* 1 sudd3nly g0t the urg3 to play The S1ms 4, but 1´m a br0k1e so 1 c4n´t rlly sp3nd m0n3y on gam3ez. So 1 s3arched 4 free sketchy w3bsitez wh3re 1 c4n get 1t 4 free. 1t w4s stuff l1ike "download 5 sketchy apps that will give U 69 V1ruses and k1ll ur computer and u will get sims 4 free!!!!"  So 4fter l1ke an h0ur 0f br0wsing thr0ugh all the webs1tez 1 was l1ke "ykw, 1 d0n´t need 4ll th0se viruzes ... » Continue Reading

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