Sims 4

* 1 sudd3nly g0t the urg3 to play The S1ms 4, but 1´m a br0k1e so 1 c4n´t rlly sp3nd m0n3y on gam3ez. So 1 s3arched 4 free sketchy w3bsitez wh3re 1 c4n get 1t 4 free. 1t w4s stuff l1ike "download 5 sketchy apps that will give U 69 V1ruses and k1ll ur computer and u will get sims 4 free!!!!" 

So 4fter l1ke an h0ur 0f br0wsing thr0ugh all the webs1tez 1 was l1ke "ykw, 1 d0n´t need 4ll th0se viruzes today, lemme just pay 4 1t"  and I w3nt to st3am t0 buy 1t, and guezz what 1 see?? Sims 4 iz free O_o 

1 d0wnload3d it on my puter fr0m the official St3am App, let´z see 1f 1t´s actually free, bcs I h1ghly d0ubt it. 1t us3d to b so expenzive, th3y couldn´t pozzibly make 1t free.. >:/

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