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Category: Friends

i need more friends who like nanbaka...it ruined my life like 6 years ago and now i need to find more people who have gone through the same...or maybe convince more people to read/watch it...smirks » Continue Reading

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interests :3

Category: Life

i have so many more interests besides the ones listed on my profile btw !! i tend to not list everything because i either forget what i'm into or...i haven't consumed that media in years but !! there's a chance we might have more in common than originally thought :P » Continue Reading

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music suggestions !!

Category: Music

does anyone have any cool music suggestions? i'd love to hear them, i don't have a preference or anything so feel free to recommend whatever :3 » Continue Reading

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ims :3

Category: Friends

btw feel free to message me anytime !! i have no clue how to use spacehey but i'd love to talk to you guys about random things . smile » Continue Reading

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