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Category: Blogging

love it obsessed with it and multishipping in it rn im really into gojohime satoshoko sashisu and satosugu! i also love basically every ship in it that doesn't include nobara with a man because my hc is her as a lesbian. please shoot me a message or comment here if you like it » Continue Reading

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jjk thoughts so far

Category: Books and Stories

I've been catching up on the manga and tbh it is pretty rushed and I think gege isn't that good of a writer at times but I really love it so far it's rlly good! I rec it to anyone who needs a new anime or manga! Will be cosplaying from it soon ^_^ » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

New year means new interests, can you guys recc me some horror games? I'm cool with anything but I mostly like retro visual novels and rpgmaker ^_^ » Continue Reading

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Talk to me!

Category: SpaceHey

I'm now on mobile I will be posting more regularly bc of that also feel free to message me! I wanna make new friends in the new year n shit » Continue Reading

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Malice Mizer

Category: Music

BEEN GETTING INTO THEM MORE LATELY AND OMFG I adore them I wish I was alive to be able to see them especially before they disbanded I hope I meet more people who like them also been starting to listen to more the birthday massacre and listening to carseat headrest! » Continue Reading

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fighting games + jojo

Category: Games

hey who likes guilty gear here or jojos bizarre adventure ive been playing the all star battle game for jojo non stop also i started part 5 of jojo today i love giorno so far my friend wasn't lying when they said there was a huge art style change holy shit. oh and i play guilty gear too plus new figures and plushies are coming out im so fucking excited holy shit » Continue Reading

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guilty gear

Category: Games

Who else here loves guilty gear I love it so much who ate ur faves if u love it too  » Continue Reading

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