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introduction to book of the month review!

Category: Books and Stories

hello everyone! im here to tell you what book of the month review is and some answers to questions some people may have! :) what is book of the month review? book of the month review is a blog about a certain book once a month and what the book is about and the corresponding movie adaptation (if there is one) what will be in the review? in the review, we will go over the synopsis, the movie adapta... » Continue Reading

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any black metal fans?

Category: Music

hi there! i'm making this post wondering if there are any other black metal fans on here. if so, please friend me! I'd love to talk to someone about the genre that isn't someone who doesn't like it. i look forward to meeting new friends!  » Continue Reading

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a little rant on the call out posts

Category: SpaceHey

if your like me recently, you might have seen lots of call out posts here on this site. these posts keep clogging up the blog page and it makes me uncomfortable to be on here. this is a site for fun, not for calling someone out that you dont like. sure, i understand if your calling out someone who is toxic, but the amount of posts ive seen in the past week is insane. these are just my thoughts. th... » Continue Reading

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blinkie websites!

Category: SpaceHey

hey yall, here is some websites you can use to get some blinkies for your profile! i use these websites and i really recomend them. i hope this helps! » Continue Reading

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would you guys like it if did book reviews once a month?

Category: Books and Stories

hi! i was wondering if any of you would like it if i would post book reviews once a month. i've been thinking about this for a while as i've been reading more books now that i have more free time. please let me know if yall are interested! thank you! :) » Continue Reading

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Kandi bracelets i make :)

Category: Art and Photography

Hello! Today I’m going to list all of the kandi bracelets I can make :D -single -multi stitch  -peyote stitch -flower cuff -latter cuff -x base  -ufo cuff  -wavy cuff  » Continue Reading

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