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introduction to book of the month review!

hello everyone! im here to tell you what book of the month review is and some answers to questions some people may have! :)
what is book of the month review?

book of the month review is a blog about a certain book once a month and what the book is about and the corresponding movie adaptation (if there is one)

what will be in the review?

in the review, we will go over the synopsis, the movie adaptation (if there is a movie) , and my thoughts on the book.

what types of books will be reviewed?

the type of books that will be reviewed will be disturbing and dark books (i.e American Psycho, Cujo,etc) that might not be for everyone. 

do i have to read the book that will be reviewed? 

if you want to, go ahead! you are not obligated to read the book. 

can i request a book? 

yes! you can request a book under this post if you'd like! 

i hope these answers all of your questions! can't wait to see y'all soon! 

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