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I bought a piece of art made by a fellow SpaceHey user!

Category: Art and Photography

Thanks to V Holocek Art for his charcoal & colored pencil print, "Second Taste." It completes my bedroom speaker space, working alongside some dictionary prints. (The speakers are Cerwin Vega! Re 30s if anyone cares.) » Continue Reading

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I'm taking a webdev class

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

For this semester of university, I'm being forced to take a webdev class; specifically for making a professional homepage for myself. I've never enjoyed coding, but it's neat that, with SpaceHey being around, I actually have a place to test out what I'm going to learn. Who knows, maybe I'll come out of this with a more positive perspective on coding? -JBM- » Continue Reading

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I want a halberd!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Medieval polearms are sweet and I want one; either a halberd or some other style of pole axe. There's a replica English halberd on discount on Kult of Athena right now. I'm considering getting it once my next paycheck rolls around: https://www.kultofathena.com/product/english-halberd/ Thoughts? -JBM- » Continue Reading

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Business Accounts

Category: SpaceHey

Anyone else notice all the new SH accounts for local businesses?  "Chattanooga Dumpster Rental Experts" is probably my new favorite. -JBM- » Continue Reading

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Haha, nice

Category: SpaceHey

Thanks for helping me reach this milestone. I haven't been on much the past few days. My time's been preoccupied with finding a new apartment and procrastinating finding a new apartment. I managed to grab my old music blog posts from MS93 earlier in the week, though! So I'll probably start JBM's Tunes back up some time soon. Stay tuned, -JBM- » Continue Reading

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Hooray! The @KinoFabino drawing is back!

Category: SpaceHey

I finally got my old @KinoFabino drawing up again! I just can't let this thing go. (Now all I need back is my spinning dunsparce...) My thanks to Katie and her "Road gif background" layout for most of my page's code. You can find all of her layouts here: https://layouts.spacehey.com/fighttheducks -JBM- » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I made a group for us displaced MySpace93 users today! You can join here: https://groups.spacehey.com/MySpace93 » Continue Reading

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MySpace93 Refugees incoming

Category: SpaceHey

Hey All, JudgeBigMansion here. I used this username in MySpace93 up until last night, 6/28/21, when "Tom" took it down due to a case of industrial espionage and a personal vendetta against him. To An and everyone else on this platform: Get ready for some new fwiends. There's 80,000+ MySpace93 users without a home at the moment, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's gonna find this place. -JBM- » Continue Reading

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