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DNI List because I think it's time to make one

Category: Blogging

Severe eyestrain profiles Profiles that are hard to read Transphobes Furry haters Haters in general honestly People who use autistic as an insult (jokingly or not) Crusader/holy war fanboys (🤮) Murderdrones fans SMG4 fans DSMP fans Military fanboys (🤮) HARDCORE South Park fans (some of y'all are alright) People who make/enjoy wojak memes FNF fans Harry Potter fans (please shut up and stop supporti... » Continue Reading

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It is now Halloween

Category: Life

NO its not october it is halloween!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEENN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! » Continue Reading

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wha huh

Category: Blogging

Wait if i want to interact with people i have to actually say things oops » Continue Reading

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I love how this website brings the 2000s out in people

Category: SpaceHey

love seeing all the older internet trends you all are bringing back for this site. it's like a combination of old and new cultures mixed together here. » Continue Reading

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gm peeps

Category: Life

how is everyone today? » Continue Reading

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