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woa!! !this site got popular!!

Category: SpaceHey

i haven't been on much and haven't glanced at the forums in quite a long time and just saw how many people there are now!!!!!! that's pretty cool i've noticed recently a lot of people putting it in their bios and even saw someone give a character a spacehey shirt in their drawing, is there any particular reason spacehey got popular as of late or am i just out of the loop in general » Continue Reading

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i love the resident evil remakes so much!

Category: Games

been thinkin about them a lot lately, i genuinely adore the re3r and how they changed up the designs a bit !! ! ! ive been trying to slowly plya though re2 but im honestly super scared of zombies despite my obsession with them so its hard but hell yea... the games look awesome and the graphics are so good insane that we went from 3 polygons to literal ray tracing, it makes me happy to see the prog... » Continue Reading

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busy bsuy busy

Category: Blogging

i have been out of the house so much lately its so nice to be home for a good while hell yeah hows your guys holiday going so far? » Continue Reading

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doodles of the day

Category: Art and Photography

colourful doodle a silly sketch of a silly guy~ » Continue Reading

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i love madmans epsrit so much

Category: Music

their music is so good plz like actually!! i reccomend them so much if anyone likes visual kei X_X  their newer songs are good too and i am so excited to see the liveshows of their tour thats coming up!!!  » Continue Reading

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