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18 years old psychology student from Germany.

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Mood: Questioning the relevance of the human species.

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The global understanding of politics (Survey)

Category: News and Politics

This might be a controversial topic but I'm very interested in your opinion. Politics is a topic people always fight over, but not really on a global level. Terms like "left" and "right" might vary a bit or trastically between countries and many people do also have varying understandings of these terms. I for example live in a centrel-right, ~liberal~, area heavily focused on economics. "Leftist" ... » Continue Reading

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Merry Christmas!

Category: Life

I hope everyone of you will enjoy a very relaxing and beautiful day with their families. ❤️ » Continue Reading

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Random Thoughts #1

Category: Life

I'm extremely demotivated right now. There is nothing I'd like to do. No one to talk to. And I'm extremely tired.  Is this the definition of a sessional depression? It definitely doesn't feel like my "normal" depression it's more like... I don't know, the lack of motivation. I don't feel sad or anything just too tired to do something. Does anyone else have the same problem right now?  And what is ... » Continue Reading

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The importance of "not giving a Fuck".

Category: Life

Life can be terrible, especially considering our involvement in a capitalist system based on exploitation. But that's not what I want to talk about today. Today I would like to share with you the important strategy of "not giving a Fuck". Many of us feel like living in a loop. Compared to the movie Groundhog Day. We wake up just to experience that everything is the same. Our days are more or less ... » Continue Reading

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How do I prevent procrastination?

Category: School, College, University

I have to learn for a psychology exam and I'm distracted by literally everything because the subject we go through is incredibly boring. The problem is my education is at stake. Does anyone have any tips on what I can do to stay focused? » Continue Reading

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Just a daily reminder that...

Category: Life

A daily reminder that you are a incredible person! Life is very stressful and can be very unbearable. But things will change, they always do. Sometimes these changes will beat us down even more, but you are strong, I know you are!! Just hold on and soon your problems will eventually pass and life changes to something better. Stay strong. For me. ^^ » Continue Reading

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SpaceHey NewUser

Category: Blogging

I'm new to this social media platform and only experienced the late days of MySpace. Does anyone have any advice on how to use this site? Things I should be careful about, etc. ? ^^  » Continue Reading

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