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The importance of "not giving a Fuck".

Life can be terrible, especially considering our involvement in a capitalist system based on exploitation. But that's not what I want to talk about today.

Today I would like to share with you the important strategy of "not giving a Fuck".

Many of us feel like living in a loop. Compared to the movie Groundhog Day. We wake up just to experience that everything is the same. Our days are more or less strictly scheduled so everything goes according to plan. Especially working in a very repetitive job can increase that feeling even more. 
The biggest problem is the things we human experience because of this. Discontent, Depression, Anxiety, Stress are just a few examples. 

This is were "not giving a fuck" plays a role. 
Our daily schedules destroy us, we put ourselves under a lot of pressure. This isn't a criticism on the system we live in, but rather criticism on the system we created for ourselves. 

The following claim might be a hard step for a lot of people, but definitely helped me to be more happy and especially more relaxed. 

Just don't take everything so serious.

You have a big presentation ahead of you to convince investors to buy into your idea? 
Just wing it. 

A big exam?
You are sitting 40 hours a week in school and you are still considering to learn?

It's a tuesday night and you want to go for a walk even tho your work starts at 6am?
Just go for it and don't you dare to arrive back home before 4am. 

I think you start to get what I'm trying to tell you. 
We are stuck in the loops we created for ourselves and the best way to break these loops are to go out of our way. Cause these loops will quickly become our comfort zone without any exit.

Don't be afraid. And try things you never thought you could do. And fuck the consequences! 

(Please excuse if the text is horrendously written.) 

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This is honestly my motto to life. I used to take things so seriously, to the point that my anxiety was out of control. Ended up getting anxiety attacks, scary shit.

Over time I also learned to "not give a fuck" your life is yours to choose. You don't have to play the game that everyone else is. Make your own.

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Exactly!! Had the same problem. Stress which almost killed me and fear of the next day because I made everything stressful for myself.
I totally agree with you and I'm glad to hear that you also managed to escape out of your anxiety!

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