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The global understanding of politics (Survey)

This might be a controversial topic but I'm very interested in your opinion.
Politics is a topic people always fight over, but not really on a global level.
Terms like "left" and "right" might vary a bit or trastically between countries and many people do also have varying understandings of these terms.

I for example live in a centrel-right, ~liberal~, area heavily focused on economics.
"Leftist" has, for me, always been people who want to find a alternative to our current ecconomic system. A alternative system based on sharing and carying. In a loose sense.

And people on the right side are interesting in building on top of our current system. Strenghening the current economy and laying a focus on individual as well as corporal growth (financially).

(I'm not necessarily meaning the radical left and right.)

What excatly are your definitions for these terms in your country? I know that this is only scratching the surface of this extremly complex topic. But it would be nice to have a understanding on how other people few these terms and what their country focuses on.

If you want, please add a reply to this blog entery stating your opinion!

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