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Category: Blogging

Welcome to a new blog I've decided to start! Gonna be updating this every now and then ehh pretty much whenever I feel like it. You can prooobably guess what its gonna be about: Stuff that pisses me off lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SHIT THAT I HATE #1 Hallway Pushers Aug. 26 2021 For this first edition of shit that I hate: Those mouth breathers at... » Continue Reading

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Mark Hoppus = Anthony Padilla ?!?!?!

Category: Music

Has anyone else noticed that Mark Hoppus from blink 182, at times, sounds EXACTLY like Anthony Padilla from Smosh?  And I don't mean like oh haha yeah he kinda sounds like him, I mean like IT'S LITERALLY THE SAME VOICE!!! I seriously cannot unhear it and I haven't seen anyone else talk about this. I FEEL LIKE I'M GOING CRAZY The clearest i've heard it so far is in the chorus of feeling this   » Continue Reading

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rip myspace93 (hello spacehey?)

Category: SpaceHey

Just went to check my myspace93 account to find the website has been shutdown :( I've only been on the site for a few months but it really fucking sucks to see it go, I got to meet some really cool people on there, it seems that the universe is really fucking trying to kill any chances i have at living a 2000s teen life. Really gonna miss looking at how much cooler other people's profiles were tha... » Continue Reading

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I Misses You cover art

Category: Music

Made this art for the unreleased track "I Misses You"  I'm so fascinated by this song, it's criminal that no lyrics were ever written, seriously favorite smiths song potential! Gonna be trying to write my own morrissey-esque lyrics for it, might post them here if they don't make me cringe to hard If you haven't listened to it, you totally should its soo gooooooood » Continue Reading

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A poem for CSS

Category: Romance and Relationships

Oh CSS  you make me want to cry and sometimes  possibly die ill never be able to use you quite like others do because theres such a disconnect between me and you at least i can use premade layouts so i dont want to completely blow my brains out -izzy e (original poem do not steal) sellings the rights for 20000000 dollars also yeah i did rhyme premade layouts with blow my brains out, thanks for not... » Continue Reading

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Category: News and Politics

space heyy yeaaaah wooohooo space hey  » Continue Reading

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