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Welcome to a new blog I've decided to start! Gonna be updating this every now and then ehh pretty much whenever I feel like it. You can prooobably guess what its gonna be about: Stuff that pisses me off lol

SHIT THAT I HATE #1 Hallway Pushers
Aug. 26 2021
For this first edition of shit that I hate: Those mouth breathers at school or pretty much anywhere there's dipshits in the hallway, who just HAVE to put their hand on your backpack or even worse you and push you to the side like you were in their way when you're walking past them! Seriously?! I am nowhere near in your way you fucking mongoloid! Did it really help you get to where you were going getting faster by putting your decrepit ass cheeto hands on my backpack?? Do you feel better about yourself man?! Ya fuckin window licker!!!
Sep. 7 2021
Hooooly shiiiit. Do I even need to explain? Does anyone like that class? I mean, don't get me wrong, I LIKE writing! Hell, I LOVE writing! Now do I like being forced to type up three pages about something I don't give a shit about every single day? NOT FUCKING REALLY
Seriously! Way to take all the fun and any ounce of enjoyment out of things like reading and writing. Specifically ERWC. GOD. ERWC. UGGGGHHH FUUUUCK. I just finished typing a page of bullshit right now and I'm 100% gonna have to do it all over again tomorrow, this is not the way to do this!!!!!!!
Nov. 28 2021
Hey! Notice how this entry was written TWO FUCKING MONTHS after the last one?! YEAH. Not a fan. Not a fan at all. And it's not like I just haven't had anything to complain about over the last two months, it's that I couldn't bring myself to literally just sit at a computer for 5 minutes and do something I ENJOY. SOMETHING I ENJOOOY. Why am I like this?!! AHHHHHHHHHH

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