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minor !!! :P (she/her) my birthday is in August !!

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Category: Blogging

So like basically I wanted to do a more in depth about me :) Fav Color: Pink !  Favorite animal: I love monkeys, like SO MUCH Favorite band: This one is really hard tbh, but I think PATD or FOB Celeb crushes: There are billions, but the mains are Spencer Smith, Mikey Way, and Monte Money Silly fact: I actually LOVE the 1975, I seen them November of 23' and they were brilliant, I live for their tum... » Continue Reading

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Friendz !

Category: Friends

Guys I need more cOOl emo friendz so don't hesitate to message !! :)) I get wayyy too scared to send messages but all of you that follow me on here are so cool. I feel so lame sometimes compared to some of ya'll  » Continue Reading

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I’m so forgetful

Category: Music

Guys why did I literally forget about spacehey.. sorry everyone, I’m back !!! XDXDXD But I literally love Ryan Ross !! He’s such a silly dude. AFYCSO is my fav !! » Continue Reading

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deepest most sincerest thoughts

Category: Writing and Poetry

I watch the time.  I watched. Laying there aimlessly with no reason to wander further   7:06 am. Why should one stay up and worry about another’s whereabouts?  7:08 am. I watched for longer, as I waited.  I know the time you get up. I have carefully placed my thoughts in a jar with your name written on the back And I hope you do not open it, for what you will find is something that you will not wa... » Continue Reading

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Songs that I have been rocking with !! =)

Category: Music

Welp heres my playlist :D https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3tmD3vgSR8tN7gLn3iFJRu?si=n6QiZDeFRd6Rom2MnramWA Situations (escape the fate)  Shes the prettiest girl at the party (Frank Iero)  Grand Theft Autumn (FOB)  Bang the doldrums (FOB)  I constantly thank god (PATD)  Sophomore slump (FOB)  Prison (MCR)  The Jetset life (MCR)  I’m low on gas (PTV)  Early sunsets (MCR)  Pick up the phone (Fallin... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

See I feel like I’m so late to the space realm XDXDXD, but it’s so fun here!  Also did y’all see Gabe Saporta on waterparks story, it was so hot :0 That’s about it Oh and btw, it’s cRazY that it’s already October  » Continue Reading

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