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Category: Romance and Relationships

Hey SpaceHey, So ig I owe you the story about my relationship in October. Now before I tell y’all, I need to let you know that most of the dumb decisions, if not ALL of the dumb decisions, I made were all fabricated out of boredom. Let’s go all the way back to august. You may be asking “hey Javi, what happened to that guy you met at the football game?” Well I was completely thrown tf off… turns ou... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Hey Spacehey, I loved the end of the year. As soon as September hits I get excited bc, summer is cool and all but AUTUMN AND WINTER?! they just always do it for me… So I'm going to date back to October. If y’all can remember I told y’all that I was in After-school Theatre. Back at the beginning of the year, I was cast in the musical “MATILDA” at my school and honestly, it was the most fun I’ve had... » Continue Reading

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Category: Romance and Relationships

Hey SpaceHey, So to start this story off I wanted to let y’all know I have after-school theater rehearsals. One day we had a blocking rehearsal on a Friday because we had our first dance rehearsal the following day. There was a football game that same Friday so I was like okok since I'm already staying after school let me just get together with my friends and go to the game. I went to rehearsal an... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Hey SpaceHey, Moving this past summer was so shitty :) Honestly looking back, if there was one thing I feared it was moving away ESPECIALLY in the middle of High School. And it is so annoying when you have no control over anything at the moment. I don’t like to admit it but at my old school, I was considered popular. In my eyes, I feel like popularity means being liked by lots of people. That was ... » Continue Reading

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