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Hey SpaceHey,

Moving this past summer was so shitty :)

Honestly looking back, if there was one thing I feared it was moving away ESPECIALLY in the middle of High School. And it is so annoying when you have no control over anything at the moment. I don’t like to admit it but at my old school, I was considered popular. In my eyes, I feel like popularity means being liked by lots of people. That was somewhat of my case. like the only foes I did have were homophobes and racists. Everyone else loved me pretty much. At least thats what I think from my perspective, because if there’s one thing that exists in High School its Fake Bitches. But leaving the popularity is HARD. I felt like my confidence depended on the validation I got from all those people yk? But at this point, I was coming to terms with the fact that all of that is GONE. So imma have to like bad bitch myself through it. 

The first day of school kinda made me want to vomit. I had never felt so out of place in my life. Like I was the type of kid that since pre-k, always knew everyone's legal name in the class and every inch of dirt on them. And to be here, at this moment, sitting in a classroom and not knowing who anyone is. It was like a phobia I never knew I had. And maybe I sound like I'm overreacting but I was soooo deadass… I was like on the verge 💀. As the day went on it got better ngl. I met this girl in my 3rd and we became good friends. When I went up to her to introduce myself, she practically already knew everything about me because she had found me on social media during the summer. Not to mention she’s friends with the drama teacher and they practically stalked me the whole summer. But as creepy as that sounds, I was glad that at least I knew some people there.

Now I'm pretty much almost done with my first semester at this school and it’s been good. At first, it was kinda fucked but now I'm good. I feel like as hard as moving was, it gave me so much space to consider what I wanted to leave in the past and how I wanted to better myself for the future. Ngl right now I'm happier than I was the past 2 years. So that’s great.



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