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Hey Spacehey,

I loved the end of the year. As soon as September hits I get excited bc, summer is cool and all but AUTUMN AND WINTER?! they just always do it for me… So I'm going to date back to October. If y’all can remember I told y’all that I was in After-school Theatre. Back at the beginning of the year, I was cast in the musical “MATILDA” at my school and honestly, it was the most fun I’ve had in a loooonng time. Through the show, I got to make pretty much most of the friends I have now. Do y’all remember the girl I met on the first day of school… I went through a dramatic like 2 weeks of beef with her. It was AMAZING! Especially because we had a big dance number together and we could barely stand each other’s presence. But to be completely honest. It wasn’t even beef, I was just really bored. After the whole thing we both apologized and immediately caught up on our shit talking bc GOD was there a LOT going on those 2 weeks😂. After the show nights, we took the musical to regionals and got 4th place. Everyone was happy but disappointed. We definitely did deserve better but oh well that’s all in the past. As soon as I got on stage in the first scene the crowd roared and they loved our dance number. The judges were super harsh but ig everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We definitely had post-show depression 💀 the production was just so fun we didn’t really want to stop. We have a chance to do Matilda once more in February at a huge annual conference called Thescon. But there’s a slight to no chance we could perform. Especially when multiple other high-end schools are doing matilda. Not to mention one of them got runner-up at state championships. But I'm definitely not saying there is no possibility. It would mean so much to play Rudolpho again though. The rest of October practically withered away. Halloween was fun, pretty much the same as every year. But during all of this, there was something else going on. I got into a relationship… a long-distance relationship. But that’s a whole other story for a whole other post. 



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