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15, all pronouns, usa

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i forgot to do a profile survey oops

Category: Life

✦  basic info name:  paige nickname:  my dad calls me paigeypoosaurus age:   15 pronouns: all, use whats easiest lol birthday:  january 29 siblings:  4 brothers, 1 sister! sexuality:  bi job:  waitress/event staff at a small restaurant down here :))) ✦  appearance hair color:  blonde i think? like dirty blonde with blonde highlights rn? idk man its rough eye color:  green height:  4'9 (vertically ... » Continue Reading

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books ive read so far in 2023 + reviews

Category: Books and Stories

i'm trying to do this with as little spoilers as i can. here's most of the books i've read so far in 2023!  forgotten country (catherine chung):  ✦✦✦✦ ✧ Jesus christ. I swear to god, EVERY page someone died. It was insane. I understand its a book about death, but my lord. Otherwise a great book, I just thought that was funny.  the sun & her flowers (rupi kaur):  ✦✦✦✦✦ Gorgeous. The entire book is ... » Continue Reading

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quick poem (TW)

Category: Writing and Poetry

the night you took me i came home i smiled at my mom, told her my day went great, i hopped in the shower and tried to wash your handprints off of  me. i scrubbed and scrubbed and my legs, they were red, i could've sworn i saw your  fingers exactly where you left them. i grabbed more soap to forget the way you grabbed more of me. its funny how we heal from these things. » Continue Reading

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finally read The Way I Used To Be

Category: Books and Stories

im BAWLING oh my god that book had no business hitting that close to home. im crying so insanely hard. i finished it in one sitting. the writings a bit cringe at times but my lord. » Continue Reading

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