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i forgot to do a profile survey oops

✦ basic info

name: paige
nickname: my dad calls me paigeypoosaurus
age: 15
pronouns: all, use whats easiest lol
birthday: january 29
siblings: 4 brothers, 1 sister!
sexuality: bi
job: waitress/event staff at a small restaurant down here :)))

✦ appearance

hair color: blonde i think? like dirty blonde with blonde highlights rn? idk man its rough
eye color: green
height: 4'9 (vertically challenged)
ethnicity: white. like extra white. hella caucasian.
dye your hair: when im sad yes
have bangs: curtain bangs?
have braces: no
wear glasses: mhm!
wear contacts: no
piercings: jus my ears :(
tattoos: not yet

✦ favourites

color: pink
video game: minecraft prolly
movie: girl interrupted
tv show: parks & rec
animal: cats
drink: strawberry chai slaps
food: idk
car: old trucks, i love ford broncos but ford sucksss ugh
day of the week: friday
season: spring!
song: currently new magic wand by tyler
sport: not much of a sports fan, hockeys cool tho
teacher: ew school
subject: band (band nerd fr fr)
holiday: vesak & spring equinox, if that counts
book: my absolute darling - daniel tallent
memory: solo contest this yr <3 (i won lozers)

✦ last

person you hugged: my mom
thing you ate: one individual semi sweet chocolate chip
texted: my mom
you called: my best friend :))
called you: my best friend
person you saw: my mom
you had a long conversation with: my best friend :)

✦ this or that

summer or winter: summer prolly...this is hard
cats or dogs: cats
pepsi or coke: diet coke im quirky
cell phone or ipod: phone
ocean or pool: cant swim
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
flowers or candy: flowers
rock or rap: ughh both
tv or movie: tv
aim or myspace: myspace
stars or hearts: hearts
bracelets or necklaces: necklaces
gold or silver: gold
kisses or hugs: hugs
pen or pencil: pen

✦ in the past month

smoked: yes daily ..
failed a test: yes
stayed home from school: yes
been to the mall: yup!
bought a book: yes
been to a show/concert: no :(
yelled at someone: no
got into a fight/argument: yes
told the truth: yes
lied: yes

✦ in your room

tv: yes
your own phone: yes
vcr: no
dvd player: no
radio: yes
computer: yes
posters: yes
pictures: yes
of who?: my friends, birthday cards

✦ relationships

taken or single: single
got a crush: on fictional men

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