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hi guys

Category: Blogging

hey im alive, ill make updates about my life later, im busy studying now. tests next week. ugh. » Continue Reading

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October 04 2023

Category: Blogging

  Hi, how are you? Ive finally found some time to blog. Today I dont have classes yay! But unfortunately tomorrow I do.. And also I have to finish a history project today, FOR TOMORROW.    Yesterday I smoked a blunt before going to the psychologist. I really didint want to leave my room but I already didint went there last week. I was pretty upset as always. I was sleepy too because when I come ba... » Continue Reading

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October 1st 2023

Category: Music

  Hi! How have you been? Me? Its sunday, wich means I will have to go to school tomorrow. That means im not fine lol I hate it there. But im not here to talk about that, im hear to show hows been my piano praticing (piano, keyboard, whatever) so excuse my slowness and missing notes. So here are the links to the songs ive learned in the last 2 days! https://va.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_s1vbw7ygKc1a2w... » Continue Reading

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November 30 2023

Category: Blogging

  Hello again! Sooo the day isnt finished (its 15:43 oclock) but I dont think I will do anything much interesting for the rest of the day than praticing piano (Im trying to master I Wonder - Kanye West lol) and eat cheese pastel.   Today I got up like 9am, and usually I get up at 8 but I just slept well. I wnt to the dentist (Its been two years since Ive got my braces and every month I have to go ... » Continue Reading

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Idk tbh

Category: Blogging

  Hi guys! Im not sure why ive never blogged anything in two years huh... Well I planned on starting now to document my life or something. Nothing too special, ik... And my life's not special either.    I dont think I can blog everyday as much as I want to because of my goddam school, but when I have free time ill try and remember to write. So yeah, this is my first blog!  » Continue Reading

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