November 30 2023

  Hello again! Sooo the day isnt finished (its 15:43 oclock) but I dont think I will do anything much interesting for the rest of the day than praticing piano (Im trying to master I Wonder - Kanye West lol) and eat cheese pastel.

  Today I got up like 9am, and usually I get up at 8 but I just slept well. I wnt to the dentist (Its been two years since Ive got my braces and every month I have to go to the dentist) and changed my brace colors to bright orange. This time nothing hurted. Also before going to the dentist my granny got me a beautiful beautiful vinyl (literally) bag! Then, I went to the salon because im doing a treatment on my hair (the ends are very dry so my grandma figured out if she didint pay for a hydration treatment maybe my hair would start falling off) so for 4 weeks I went to the salon to do that and this was the last week. The hairdresser (sweet old lady :] ) said she would give me a gift and that was doing my eyebrows (just chopping off "excess" hair on the sides to make it look cleaner) for free! It hurted a little bit but it was worth it because I have never done that in my life and now that I did it for the first time I see the difference. 

  After that me and my grandma went home to change clothes and go to the mall eat somewhere. I ate pasta at my favorite pasta place :) then me and my granny ate icecream, walked around the mall and got the bus to go back home. And here I am at home, blogging! When we got off the bus I started twitching (I have tics, yaknow?) and my grandma got worried and started asking me about it even though ive already explained it to her. Having tics suck ;/. Well now im at home and theyve stopped, ill just mess on my computer while my cat Sebastian sleeps on my bed and im gonna eat a pice of brownie now. Later ill pratice some piano and eat Pastel. See ya!

my brows (sorry for the jumpscare of my ugly face lol

yum pastalook at the vinyl bag!

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