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October 1st 2023

  Hi! How have you been? Me? Its sunday, wich means I will have to go to school tomorrow. That means im not fine lol I hate it there. But im not here to talk about that, im hear to show hows been my piano praticing (piano, keyboard, whatever) so excuse my slowness and missing notes. So here are the links to the songs ive learned in the last 2 days!


Victors Solo from the movie Corpse Bride. Ignore the missing notes (I was too lazy to play with two hands lol) and the wrong ones because this was my first time playing that song. Ill pratice more and try to get better... 


  I Wonder by Kanye West. I missed one or two notes, I know im really bad at playing the keyboard but I cant help but try more activities like that to distract myself from my worsening suicidal thoughts. I am imprisoned in my own mind and there is nothing I can do about it exept poorly play instruments, do bad drawings, write shit poetry, listen to good music and read good books to try and distance myself from my thoughts. 

  Sorry for the vent :p See ya later!

  P.s: Maybe I wont post every day of the week because of goddamn school but ill try to maintain this blog updated. 

  P.s 2: Happy spooky month >:)

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