October 04 2023

  Hi, how are you? Ive finally found some time to blog. Today I dont have classes yay! But unfortunately tomorrow I do.. And also I have to finish a history project today, FOR TOMORROW. 

  Yesterday I smoked a blunt before going to the psychologist. I really didint want to leave my room but I already didint went there last week. I was pretty upset as always. I was sleepy too because when I come back from school I sleep for the entire afternoon to wake up usually at 7pm to have dinner and watch a movie or something then go back to sleep at 10pm. But every tuesday I have to go to the psychologist so I sleep less on the afternoon...

  She told me im depressed, but I disagree. I dont think its that deep. Im not even mutilating myself anymore because im too lazy. Im just really tired lol. Everyday is the same, I wake up, go to school, go back home, change clothes, sleep, wake up, shower, eat something, watch series or movies and sleep. Everyday I write shitty poems, read some books, pratice piano and sleep. This is fine by me. Just the school that really bothers me lol, Im so done with school. But thats all. Im too young to be depressed, it will go away. 

  Everyday when I go to sleep at night I keep overthinking about everything and then I take a while to sleep. I hate thinking, I wish to stop thinking.

  Anyways I guess theres nothing new. Im going to start working on my history project right now or else Ill never get it done lmao. See ya later!

P.s: Should I start posting my poems here? Theyre really bad, but Im a prisioner of my own thoughts. Writing is not an option, I have to, or else ill hurt myself.

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