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obsessive compulsive diaries: october 2, 2021

Category: Blogging

aah can't believe it's already October! i'm genuinely so ready for this year to be over; it's been one of the worst imo... but anyways, today i'm gonna be doing a list of things that can/most likely will be triggering for people with OCD. i'm not here to sound like a person who gets triggered by everything to the point where i want the world to tiptoe around me- but i wish more people understood t... » Continue Reading

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obsessive compulsive diaries: september 27, 2021

Category: Blogging

hihi and welcome back to my blog about OCD! sit here and join me as I rant about my few days ever since I had *another* bad OCD relapse. anyways, lately i've had another OCD relapse (sadly) and so i'm here to talk about the paranoia that accompanies OCD. OCD can be made up by a lot of things; wether it be anxiety, intrusive thoughts or other things along the lines of things like that. anxiety is a... » Continue Reading

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obsessive compulsive diaries: september 22, 2021

Category: Blogging

hi!! my name is chev and i have OCD. it's a really hard mental condition to deal with- it absolutely can drive you insane and i've decided to start blogging about it to help talk about it and spread awareness. anyways.... i'll go into some detail about my OCD experience; i started noticing (very) mild OCD symptoms most likely in 2017-early 2018. they kind of faded away but then again last year the... » Continue Reading

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