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obsessive compulsive diaries: october 2, 2021

aah can't believe it's already October! i'm genuinely so ready for this year to be over; it's been one of the worst imo...

but anyways, today i'm gonna be doing a list of things that can/most likely will be triggering for people with OCD. i'm not here to sound like a person who gets triggered by everything to the point where i want the world to tiptoe around me- but i wish more people understood the depth of OCD and how it basically feels like mental quicksand.
so without further ado; let's get started!

1. manifestation
- manifestation can be very triggering for OCD sufferers. people with OCD- mainly magical thinking- tend to believe that even doing so much as thinking a bad thought can make their life "ruined". they fear manifesting bad things into their life, so this is why manifestation can be triggering.

2. chain mail 
- this is another one that can be extremely triggering. you know the posts that say "share in 5 minutes or your (insert loved one here) will die."? this is highly unsettling and unnerving for people with OCD. OCD sufferers already believe that if they don't do specific compulsions, their loved ones will have something bad to them happen, so seeing posts like this on social media is very triggering for OCD sufferers. don't do this!

(this isn't really a huge one like manifestation or chain-mail, but it *can* be equally as triggering.)
3. getting perfectionism/other disorders mixed up with OCD
- like i said, this one really isn't that big of a deal, but it definitely can make an OCD sufferer feel highly invalidated. remember, OCD isn't having anxiety or being scared to go shopping. OCD also isn't getting mad when your colored pencils aren't organized. 

4. telling an OCD sufferer to just "not do compulsions".
- again,  not one that "triggers", per se, but it can also make an OCD sufferer feel invalidated. people with OCD know that their compulsions are irrational, so telling them to "not do it" isn't gonna help. instead, offer comfort and a listening ear. letting with someone OCD vent to you can help tons!

i hope this list helps some people understand OCD better; OCD is extremely infuriating and debilitating and it deserves to have more people understanding it better. <3 

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i fully relate to these- my family triggered my ocd pretty bad as a kid, but they were also at the root of most of my brain's consequences. and i agree, i wish ocd would get a much larger light shown on it like adhd recently has because like you said it isnt just getting mad about your colored pencils not being in a certain order. ty again for sharing this !:)

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