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people are mean :((

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

ok so i have a neocities site right and uhm i try to make it as accessible as possible! i am highly photosensitive (i have kinda gotten used to certain patterns unintentionally but still there are MANY things i have no power over) not epileptic, but i get THE WORST vertigo and migraines, ive fallen multiple times from how badly the vertigo has warped my environment. its not fun. but some person de... » Continue Reading

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trying to make a difference as a teenager...

Category: Life

okay so, i love love LOVE helping people! i love making people smile, i love making peoples day better, i love being nice for no reason, (unless its someone whos a meanie >:(( ) and just,, being nice and getting nothing in return is enough of a reward, i dont understand arrogant people who act all nice but are actually stuck up. ive met so many and theyre AWFUL!!! :(( okay buuut as a teenager, the... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

hiii guyz im back did u miss me >___ < » Continue Reading

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(SPOILERS) SPLATOON 3 IZ SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category: Games

soooooo i got splat 3 on its release as i also did for the past games (i got splat 1 shortly after release but have been a fan since forever) and the story mode is so good?????????????? i didnt rly expect grizz 2 be the final boss but it was awesome i love him sm more now » Continue Reading

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Category: Life


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halloween costume???

Category: Life

i think i may be a plague nurse for halloween! i wanted to do something with my white corset i have and i think that would fit nicely. however, i dont know how i would go about the mask... i dont like bulky masks, i may do a small-ish one. any input or suggestions? theyd be very appreciated rn lmao or maybe other ideas for costumes... » Continue Reading

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the trials and tribulations of a wikipedia editor (part 1???)

Category: Life

okay soooooo ive been a wikipedia editor for a while and like. when i started, the amount of poorly written, plagiarized, and biased articles was astonishing. for instance, i was editing the 'rapid resolution therapy' and im 99.9% sure the creator, or at least someone who worked on it wrote it. it was written like an advert... i had to remove so much, and rewrite so much so it wasnt all biased....... » Continue Reading

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