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people are mean :((

ok so i have a neocities site right

and uhm i try to make it as accessible as possible! i am highly photosensitive (i have kinda gotten used to certain patterns unintentionally but still there are MANY things i have no power over) not epileptic, but i get THE WORST vertigo and migraines, ive fallen multiple times from how badly the vertigo has warped my environment. its not fun. but some person decided to come at me about the strobing rainbow text on my landing page, saying, word for word, (this is directly copied.) "girl why would you have flashing images on the landing page of your website warning for flashing images on the website what are you DOINGGG". 

i understand that i have the ability to make mistakes, but coming on MY neocities profile with hostile wording is not the way to talk to me about it. firstly, this person is apparently all for accessibility on the web, me too! but i have the strangest feeling that he will claim he was not being hostile if he replies. someone who likes making things accessible would surely use tone tags if that were the case, no? again, just a feeling but if im wrong, ill admit it. however it is clearly stated in my landing page that there is no intense flashing imagery because im photosensitive. like can they not read? sure people are different but still, that means im different as well and there are so many nicer ways to approach this. im HUMILIATED. fucking 5 likes (a lot for a neocities post) on there with this public comment directed at me. i really dont appreciate my community being spoken over. because hes obviously attempting to do so. spreading awareness is okay but when you target someone in a minority you claim to want to accommodate for is when it begins to be an issue. i seriously doubt hell see this but if you are reading this, you know who you are, and you really need to evaluate WHY youre trying to make the web more accessible, because speaking over minorities knowingly in an immediate hostile manner is certainly not the way to do so.

another thing, HIS SITE GAVE ME A MIGRAINE. the contrast is way too great and seriously is making me dizzy, if youre gonna preach about protecting us poor wittle photosensitive folk because we obviously cant do it ourselves, at least practice what you preach.

anyways! love you guys<3 

-gummy , 8/30/2023

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People should just use caution on the internet. Only you are responsible for yourself after all! You should delete their shitty comment lol

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Dr. Kitty

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SO REAL. People LOVE preaching about how they're so considerate to minorities, then they do shit like that. I'm sorry you had to deal with them, lovebug. Still, they seem like a loser. Their site said they were 27, like wtf are you doing lmao

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