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i don't suffer from autism, asshole. i'm great at it

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Category: Blogging

holy shit guys. I cant believe i've finally turned 21 its so crazy. not in a depressing way or anything but I really didnt imagine myself living beyond 18? which is wild ? i guess i just had a hard time imagining the concept of time passing and im reflecting on just about everything right now. I'm really happy to be in art school studying animation, im almost done with my first official year (did ... » Continue Reading

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self portraits

Category: Art and Photography

this is probably the closest thing i have to a selfie on this account, this is a little old so the color theory is a bit shoddy but i do still like it » Continue Reading

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anime style inspired art :)

Category: Art and Photography

I dont make a lot of anime inspired art but i thought itd be cute to make a vampire girl in an anime-esque style ^-^ » Continue Reading

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HTML stands for hot trash made for loosers

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

between neocities and having been trying to post my animatic here for a whole week im so irritated. like, something that works 100% in my browser when im writing html & css from my local files For some reason does not want to work on space hey or neo cities and its driving me bonkers atp -_- » Continue Reading

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sorry ive been offline for so long!!!

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I've been really trying to figure out my life lately and what i want to major in for college, i went in this year thinking that I wanted to go into nursing! but i figured out that i was only doing that for approval from my family, it wasn't something i ever really wanted to do. I started taking more art and animation classes this year at community college and i realize that i want to be an animato... » Continue Reading

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I drew something today

Category: Art and Photography

i really hope this pasted right :') i didnt ifnish it but i really like how it looks like this » Continue Reading

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