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holy shit guys. I cant believe i've finally turned 21 its so crazy. not in a depressing way or anything but I really didnt imagine myself living beyond 18? which is wild ? i guess i just had a hard time imagining the concept of time passing and im reflecting on just about everything right now. I'm really happy to be in art school studying animation, im almost done with my first official year (did a year of community college and then a gap year before coming to the school im currently at) i feel like im finally in control of the direction of my life, doing something that I genuinely enjoy and am excited to learn more about. not to mention that ive transitioned and im just generally in a better mental (and physical) place than I used to be at 16. not to be sappy with the 'it gets better' or whatever, but it actually does. it isn't all flowers and candy all the time but tbh its much better than being under other peoples' thumbs all the time.

im gonna try to be more active on here rather than lurking and then just posting every year but, yeah. happy march yall :)

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yes!!! proud of you ^^

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thanks shan !

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