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School suckksssss

Category: School, College, University

Maybe imma just drop out of highschool this is tooo hard T_T (I wont I needa go tot college ig) I have a 44% in math.... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Annoying my friends by eating at the speed of a snail  » Continue Reading

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Remembered I have spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

Was scrolling instagram stories and saw one of my favorite artists got spacehey and it was like " Cool! Waitaminuteihavethatwebsite!!1!" maybe I'll be active here since I've been bored lately 0_0 » Continue Reading

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should probs be more active

Category: SpaceHey

at least once a day when i get really bored i go "omg! i have spacehey" open the website and scroll on recent blogs then go back to being bored  good time killer for about 5 minutes » Continue Reading

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lol im broke

Category: Games

teenage struggle is not knowing whether i should buy new clothes or buying game currency   » Continue Reading

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Bad decisions

Category: Life

Note to self :Do NOT take a shower right before you want to go to bed, cause now you have to wait.  Also getting tired of having to wait to visit the hair salon so I'm slowly chopping it with safety scissors to free myself of this fcking tent of hair before it gets hot again lmao I think my hair is dried now so I'm gonna shut my eyes for 7 hours » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

Filming rblx tiktoks is so annoying even if I'm not the one filming this time lmao » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

How does blogging work lol » Continue Reading

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