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My ARG Plan

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

So I recently posted on my TikTok that I'm finally planning on making an arg, and now I mostly have a "season one" laid out: The arg may or may not start out on TikTok, depending on whether TikTok gets banned in the US or not. But regardless, the MC (main character) would start a ghost-hunting/ cryptid-hunting YouTube channel because he knows cryptids exist and he's making this channel to educate ... » Continue Reading

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About Me

Category: Quiz/Survey

General Stuff: Nickname(s): Ghost, Ghastly Age: 19 Gender: FTM Pronouns: He/Him Grade: College Birthday: June 17th Height: 5'3" Sexuality: Achillean,  Acespec Favorite... Food: Mac and Cheese Season: Fall, though spring is a close second Movie: Peter Pan (1953) TV Show: My Babysitter's A Vampire Book: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Comic: Danger Days » Continue Reading

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Creepypasta book on Ao3

Category: Writing and Poetry

I've been writing this book on Ao3 about various Creepypasta characters, as of right now, it has Toby, Clockwork, Ben, and E.J. in it. Please check it out. It's titled "Creepypasta Short Stories" by Gh0stFacce_C0py.  Here's a link if you don't want to look for it: » Continue Reading

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My Birthday 🎉

Category: Blogging

It’s my birthday today and my mom got me the “pool boy at the vampire mansion” shirt that gerard wore on tour. » Continue Reading

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Unreality Recommendations

Category: Writing and Poetry

I've been looking around for some new unreality/args to get into recently does anyone have any recommendations? Here's a list of stuff I've already seen: - Clownblr - Slenderverse - Welcome Home - Mandela Catalogue - Petscop - Local 58 - DHMIS - The Walten Files - Boisvert - The Monument Mythos - Flesh Pit National Park -Daisy Brown - Hiimmarymary - The Sun Vanished -This Is My » Continue Reading

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