My ARG Plan

So I recently posted on my TikTok that I'm finally planning on making an arg, and now I mostly have a "season one" laid out:

The arg may or may not start out on TikTok, depending on whether TikTok gets banned in the US or not. But regardless, the MC (main character) would start a ghost-hunting/ cryptid-hunting YouTube channel because he knows cryptids exist and he's making this channel to educate people on how to handle certain creatures and cryptids. Some videos are "in the field" and actively hunting cryptids, but some videos are just like educational videos you'd see from White Stag Education. Eventually, an inciting incident would happen and things would take a turn for the worse. I do plan to go to known haunted places to film stuff for this. The platforms that might be used are TikTok, YouTube, Tumblr, and possibly SpaceHey. There is going to be a secret society in this arg. I have more planned, but anything else would move into spoiler territory; please comment and let me know what you guys think about this.

Here's some little blubs about some of the characters without major spoilers:


The MC is the host and, at the beginning, the soul producer of the YouTube channel. He knows a lot about cryptids and other creatures. He enjoys nature and grew up in a small town with access to the woods right in his backyard. He knows what is out there and he knows that there are people who are oblivious about it and he wants to help educate people on how to be careful while in nature.


The Co-Host would come into the picture later and isn't very important at this moment, but she also has experience with cryptids, but not in the way that the MC does. She contacts the MC through the Internet and becomes part of the YouTube channel after some communication. 

Anyways, sorry if this seems a bit disjointed, I haven't had any caffeine yet, but I needed to get this down before I forgot to do it lol. But please leave feedback if you have some and comment if you would watch it :)

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