Unreality Recommendations

I've been looking around for some new unreality/args to get into recently does anyone have any recommendations?

Here's a list of stuff I've already seen:

- Clownblr

- Slenderverse

- Welcome Home

- Mandela Catalogue

- Petscop

- Local 58


- The Walten Files

- Boisvert

- The Monument Mythos

- Flesh Pit National Park

-Daisy Brown

- Hiimmarymary

- The Sun Vanished

-This Is My Milwaukee

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>> Bella

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this house has people in it, unedited footage of a bear, and alantutorial (all created by alan resnick) are totally worthwhile!! the first 2 are on the adult swim youtube channel, but i'd suggest watching nightmind's video on alantutorial instead of going in blind. gemini home entertainment is in a similar vein as local58. catastrophe crow is also good, somewhat reminiscent of petscop :]

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