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i slept, but didnt dream

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

no dream to write about yet , unless i type out one from my physical dream journal , but man thats some extra effort im not so sure i have today , im exhausted  » Continue Reading

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Jokes on me i didn't go to bed

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Its gonna take me a bit to type it so ill edit it into this one later when i finish typing it out in my notepad app lol  I didn't end up sleeping, bc i was too attached to my laptop just already addicted to spacehey , I want to take advantage of the blog feature and keep track of my dreams here , like i mentioned in a previous blog, i believe my first one... So i thought » Continue Reading

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i want to hear ur playlist

Category: Music

my accoutn here has been open for 10 hours, i havent left the site since, its so nostalgic i have been on someones profile for a few hours, listening to their playlist in the background of what im doing, if you have a playlist on your profile pleaxe comment what genre(s) so i can have a listen and discover something new or randomly come across some nestalgia  i appreciate it my lovelies » Continue Reading

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thoughts before bed <3

Category: SpaceHey

This here spacehey thing has so much potential  one could only hope it takes over fb all together , the only thing id change is i would add a photo album to profiles  ive been crepping looking through every profile i see, and its so exciting and nostalgic !  i've got a seperate tab open on someone elses profile just to enjoy their playlist, thats also super nostalgic for me haha i think ill start ... » Continue Reading

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