Jokes on me i didn't go to bed

Its gonna take me a bit to type it so ill edit it into this one later when i finish typing it out in my notepad app lol 

I didn't end up sleeping, bc i was too attached to my laptop just already addicted to spacehey , I want to take advantage of the blog feature and keep track of my dreams here , like i mentioned in a previous blog, i believe my first one... So i thought what the hell, ill still enter today's dream journal, but this dream wasn't from last night , it was just an odd one from a couple weeks ago i think on days i don't have /remember dreams, or as it will be often, nights like last night , where i don't sleep at all lol . i have it wrote in a physical journal,so i'm just going to be typing it out here for you all , its an odd one, in my opinion It will be my next blog probably, to start the dream journaling today... 
I've been into dream interpretation for quite a while now  i've got some books, and yenno. the internet lol so if anyone ever sees symbolism or any sort in the dreams i post, please id love to hear what you think of them , they're often weird and vivid so buckle tf up 

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