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thoughts before bed <3

This here spacehey thing has so much potential 

one could only hope it takes over fb all together , the only thing id change is i would add a photo album to profiles 
ive been crepping looking through every profile i see, and its so exciting and nostalgic !
 i've got a seperate tab open on someone elses profile just to enjoy their playlist, thats also super nostalgic for me haha

i think ill start keeping a dream journal here on spacehey , as a blog entry.. i think thatll remind me to open spacehey rather than tiktok or facebook haha , i havent been active on fb in about a year other than to keep the messenger app for family and friends , ive been waiting for a site like this for everrrrrr, i tried going to myspace and looking for my old account but it either doesnt exist anymore. or i have no idea what name i was using lol 

anyway to introduce myself officially , hello , im francheska,  you can call me frankie but never fran or franny.. yuck ... 
my current obsession is elder punk elder grunge culture, so if youve got knowledge on that spill it on meee; im making patch/crust pants, so also if youve got suggestions for patches let me know !
I smoke, i drink, i like to have fun on chaturbate and onlyfans too , but not sure where to link them here on spacehey , not sure if i should though i dont want this profile to seem like a promo account for my sw lol 
I have a service dog, Waverly, a rescue dog, Lucy(fur) - who dont live with me right now, they live with my bf's parents because of my unfortunate living situation , and ive got a cat, simba (Zimbug) 

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I sure hope it takes off I just don’t see how people are so content with something as simple as fb, especially when a site like this and MySpace itself gave you so much creative freedom.

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yes ! its insane like there's almost no limitations really , aside from the big limmitation of what your able to learn about coding haha

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