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reminder that

Category: Blogging

being interested in things dont make you a tcc/murderer liker being interested in/liking guns doesnt make you tcc being interested true crime doesnt make you tcc the names cal or calvin or andre wasent invented by zero day and liking zero day doesnt make you tcc either nam » Continue Reading

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Callout blog on Lizzl. Very important.

Category: Blogging

Lizzl is very homophobic. Look what was said to me. I am extremely offended and I demand an apology. This is extremley vile and horrid. I am very personally affected by this. 🙁 (this is a joke by rhe wayyyy !!!!! 😭😭😭) » Continue Reading

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foods i want to try

Category: Blogging

poutine baklava im adding more later » Continue Reading

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hot take/bands that are and arent emo !!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Hi guyz so i just wanted 2 help new scene nd emo pplllll with this collection of artistz that are emo/scene nd arent !!!!!!  EMO- tx2, mgk, johnnie guilbert, jake webber, brokencyde, lemon demon, mitski, SCENE- tx2, mgk, taylor swift, tally hall, 6arelyhuman, odetari, weezer, evanesance, alex g, tv girl, olivia rodreigo, kets4eki NOT EMO/SCENE- millionaires, green day, mcr, taking back sunday, bmt... » Continue Reading

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anywayz survery abt me

Category: Blogging

The Longest Survey All About Me!!! About Me Time Started: 4:32PM Name: zoxxy Nickname: zoxx Birthday: april 6 ^_^ Place of Birth: raleigh north carloina Status: What Hair: dark brown i think ? Eyes: blue Height: 5'2 ? Weight: idk Left or Right Handed: right Heritage: idk lel Religion: agnostic Favourites Season: winter Month: april Holiday: halloween Place you've » Continue Reading

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