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reminder that

being interested in things dont make you a tcc/murderer liker

being interested in/liking guns doesnt make you tcc

being interested true crime doesnt make you tcc

the names cal or calvin or andre wasent invented by zero day

and liking zero day doesnt make you tcc either

names like eric, dylan, etc werent made by murderers, theyre very common names 

"tcc names" arent a thing

liking cry of fear or postal doesnt make you tcc (because apparently thats a "tcc game" to some people)

kmfdm or purgen arent "tcc bands"

the only thing that makes you a tcc/murderer&shooter idolizer is being a tcc/murderer&shooter idolizer, not your interests 

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Что такое tcc

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giving this 2 kudos. this is very well said

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𓂺Twerky Tom

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the only one i use my guns on is myself

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MAN WTF THIS IS NOT TURKEY TOM. he wouldn't be based enough to use Spacehey go back to defending pokimane's stinky dogs.

by degen_aphrodite13; ; Report

Billy L.

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I've heard some people use tcr (true crime romanticizers) for the tcc and I think it's a LOT more suiting for them tbh

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you're not wrong though, using tcr is much more better than using tcc for those people

by jamie ☆; ; Report

lulu ꒰ᐢ. .ᐢ꒱

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genuine question bc i am out of the loop.. what makes a tcc different from someone who enjoys true crime? back in like.. 2016, someone who enjoyed true crime at all was considered part of the tcc by default if they posted about it online at all. what is the new(?) definition of tcc then?

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you could be in the tcc without idolizing them i think ? i mean it is just the community,, but 99% of people who use 'tcc' like them so itz kinda just become a term fur that now unfortunately

by zoxx; ; Report

99 percent of people who use the term tcc like the killers and/or want to recreate columbine or smthin.

by XAN | ALISTAIR; ; Report


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my school got mad at me cuz i read a columbine book to genuinely learn more about it and I like guns, not to shoot anyone with.

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if ur reading stuff like that IN school, or sharing it with ur school friends, u are a red flag. u can consume these things without being weird about it. just saying.

by yayyyy<3; ; Report

bro anyone with a basic understanding of the world around them will understand why its weird. youre a red flag.

by yayyyy<3; ; Report

reading a book about a school sch//l shooting while youre in school is the biggest red flag. if you dont recognize that, youre probably the person everyone in school should be worrying about

by yayyyy<3; ; Report

definitely the normal public's opinion as well....

by yayyyy<3; ; Report

not everything is for ur entertainment or shared solely from your inquiry Lain. realistically no one ever cared if you asked in the first place

by yayyyy<3; ; Report

bro, I'M NOT SHOWING THAT SHI OFF.. also it was columbine by dave cullen LMAOO

by XAN | ALISTAIR; ; Report


by XAN | ALISTAIR; ; Report

i said what i said 💅

by yayyyy<3; ; Report


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Who tf brought cry of fear into this

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dunno🙏 ive jus seen sum ppl b liek 'dont become tcc!!' when sum1 getz in2 cof

by zoxx; ; Report


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Do i adore guns? Yes.
Do i want to kill people with it? No.

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yep. but if you have a pfp that is a photo of a shooter, or your name is obviously taken from one (looking at you, 'lanza' account) you're gross. same for having 'favorite' massacres, or posting memes or jokes about them. shool shootings are not silly little stories. they impacted real people and continue to do so. they're horrific and leave lasting scars on families for generations. they aren't something to make light of, or enjoy looking into as 'entertainment'

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agreed completely

by zoxx; ; Report


by bubbyvsthewrld; ; Report

agreed if u just like true crime to learn about it then that's a diff story

by XAN | ALISTAIR; ; Report

if you do anything I mentioned you're a disgusting person, period. explain how you could do any of those in good taste/respectfully

by spasmolytic; ; Report

... then why reply to my comment? if you're being respectful and not doing anything aforementioned, then... what does it have to do with my comment

by spasmolytic; ; Report

◠◠   NIKOVAN . .

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REALEST!!!! also cof and postal "are tcc games" what the hell..

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yeaa,, ive seen ppl say that itz so weird,,,,

by zoxx; ; Report

Same with Hatred many ppl think it is due to the fan base it's annoying lol

by PussySlayer69; ; Report

★ ★ ★ ava

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what is tcc?!?!?!?!

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true crime community, 99% of people who call themselves tcc idolize/like actual murderers

by zoxx; ; Report

oh what the flip thats nasty!!!!!!!

by ★ ★ ★ ava; ; Report

nova (linkz #1 slut ) ₊⊹ ⋆。°‧★

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boosting !!! 🌟

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you said u thought cal was tcc cus his name tho uhh!!

by M>A>X_R>Ø>T (reprise/tcc fellas dni pls); ; Report

i didnt think that 4 long ik hez not tcc and i nvr said a name makez u tcc i just said it can be associated with that🌟

by nova (linkz #1 slut ) ₊⊹ ⋆。°‧★; ; Report


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thank god someone gets it i haven't been called one but I wouldn't know what to do if i did :/

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𝚏𝚘𝚐𝚐𝚢_𝚕𝚞𝚟𝚛𝚣's profile picture


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reishi ☆

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?? wtf does cry of fear have to do with any of this tho i genuinely cannot tell

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because some people think its a 'tcc game' because alot of tccs like it

by zoxx; ; Report


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i like zero day, but i never put it on my profile because people think i'm tcc or tcc weirdos add me

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✧ 𝗔𝗡𝗚𝗘𝗟 irl . 💭

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